The structure of type UDS is made of tubes diam. 42×3,2mm and the structure height is only 410 mm. These parameters make this type very popular especially in building industry, agriculture and light industry.

The maximal length of these belt conveyors is up to 20 meters and maximal output is 7,5 kW.

These belt conveyors cannot be equipped by gangway.


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UDS in use

Type UDS is in use for example in dolomite mine in Badreichenhall (Germany) or in sand pit Borohrádek (Czech Republic)

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Tube structure: tubes 42×3,2 mm
Maximal length of belt conveyor:

20 meters

Belt width: 500 or 650 mm
Driving motion:

helical-bevel geared motor                      (SEW, Stiebel, NORD…)

Driving pulley: 300 mm
Maximal output: max. 7,5 kW
Rollers: diam.  89 mm
Rubber belt:

EP 200/2 3+1,5

(Dunlop, Matador, Sava …)

Feeding hopper: 2.000 mm long
Capacity:: BB = 500 mm approx. 70m3/h
BB = 650 mm approx. 120 m3/h
Accessories: feeding hopper, discharging chute, covering, supports, chassis, pivot, emergency stop, etc.

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