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A frame structure of conveyors of model range GK is made of hot-rolled U and L profiles.  The frame structure is 1.350 mm high and the maximal distance between supports is 20 meters.
These belt conveyors are suited to be used in building industry, sand and gravel pits, crushing and screening plants, recycling plants, etc. The GK conveyors can be constructed to maximal length 80 meters and the maximal motor power is 2×37,0 kW (tandem).

Possible equipments and accessories:

  • Gangway (for belt width from 1.000 mm bilateral)
  • Gallery
  • Feeding hoppers, discharging chutes: with rubber lining 60°-80°Sh or anti-abrasive plate lining Hardox HB400, HB450, HB500 or Creusabro 4800
  • Side guidance with adjustable rubber skirting
  • Supports and undercarriage
  • Powered undercarriage with radial tires for radial stacking
  • Covering system
  • Safety equipments

GK in use

GK belt conveyor has been delivered and installed in household waste recycling plant in Amsterdam (Holland)
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Conveyor structure: frame structure from U 160 a L 80
Maximal length of belt conveyor (AA): max. 80 m
Driving motion (BB): 500, 650, 800, 1000 a 1200 mm
Driving pulley: helical-bevel geared motor            SEW, Stiebel, Nord
Driving pulley: Ø400, 500 or 630 mm
Maximal output: max. 75 kW
Rollers max.: Ø 89, 108,133 or 159 mm
Rubber belt: EP 400/3 4+2; EP 500/3 5+2, EP 630/4 6+2
Feeding hopper: 2 m long
Capacity: BB = 500 mm ~ 100 m3/h
BB = 650 mm ~ 180 m3/h
BB = 800 mm ~ 290 m3/h
BB = 1000 mm ~ 470 m3/h
BB = 1200 mm ~ 700 m3/h
Accessories: gangway with grills 600 wide, gallery, feeding hopper, discharging chute, side guidance, covering, supports, undercarriage and radial undercarriage, emergency stop, etc.

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